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Vision / Mission / Values / Objectives

Vision Vision

In CHEJ Consultor, CA, we are oriented to be the leading company in the country in support and #OutSourcing of business management systems, mediate a constant personal preparation, training and adaptation of new trade and work strategies that allow us to compete with companies largest in the market, resulting in a quality similar or better than our competition, without putting aside the needs and priorities of our respectful and esteemed clientele.

Values Mission

It is to give clear and concise answers to requirements requested by our clients in a record time, so that delivery times are reduced considerably, all without reducing the quality of analysis and development of said requirements, employing work strategies defined by our team of work as DAS (Diagnostic Analysis and Solution). We establish a work plan to which we stick and that the client must assume with full responsibility to integrate a set delivery time.

Values Values

At CHEJ Consultor, CA, we feel 100% committed to the needs arising from the client, to the point that we are oriented to give multiple solutions and find all of them the most viable, we work under a slogan defined as: "Your requirements in Our Commitment ", assuming challenges and responsibilities in a committed manner with the client. Respect for customers and the confidentiality of their information makes us a reliable team. Encouraging teamwork inside and outside of our infrastructure and having as a principle "Commitment, responsibility, punctuality and quality of work".

Values Objectives

We are not oriented to the full competence of the consulting market. For us the north is the reach of the productive success of the client, providing multiple solutions to the needs of the same. So much so that we feel committed to establishing delivery times for developments or consulting, resulting in a successful team-client integration.