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Logo AppWhat is CRM / ERP Integrator?

It is a multi-access system that allows our customers to connect with our administrative systems and our companies in real time, this information can be viewed 24/7/365 to know the account to be paid and all the services that have been requested as a follow-up to the requirements or requests generated in the system.

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Logo AppWhat is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Translated into Spanish means management of customer relations.

CRM is a software / program / tool / application in which any contact that a representative of the company has with a client (or potential client) is stored in a common area and accessible to everyone in the company.

With this CRM software we seek to segment our client portfolio, so it also makes it easier to respond to each of the requirements and queries in the shortest possible time and adapt our services to each of your needs. We improve communication with our customers and we are more productive.

Logo AppWhat is ERP?

ERP This term refers to Enterprise Resource Planning, which means "enterprise resource planning system".

With this ERP system we seek to automate our processes, integrate the different databases of our companies in a single platform and save time.

This system allows us to make the necessary reports on the client's statuses offering a detailed and updated level of information for all interested parties.

ERP Diagram